Eyelash Extension

Bat those eyelashes

Bringing you beautiful, lush lashes with eyelash extension – it is a fast and effective way to boost emphasis on your eyes, promising bigger, darker and more appealing eyes.

Customize your length of the synthetic eyelashes, pick your curls and type of eyes you are gunning for – whether is it natural, dramatic, sexy, cat eyes or more.




  • What do I need to prepare for eyelash extension?

Come with clean, bare eyelashes, without make-up. If you have gone for an eye surgery or Lasik recently, it is highly recommended to take a rest for 2 months first before doing an eyelash extension.

  • Does it hurt or are there any side effects?

It is generally a painless experience. However, there might be a slight discomfort for customers embarking on beautiful lashes for the first time. This is mainly due to the texture of cluster lashes which are generally harder as compared to single lashes.

  • How do I maintain my eyelash extensions?

Use water-based eye-remover for your eyes. Avoid oil-based products! Comb your eyelashes daily, and avoid going for a swim for the first two days after the eyelash extension procedure.

  • How long will the eyelash extension procedure take?

Cluster lashes – 45 minutes

Single lashes – 75 minutes

Multi lashes – 120 minutes

  • Will the eyelash extensions cause my natural eyelashes to come off?

With proper care and treatment, eliminate fears of weakening natural lashes. Here is a word of advice – do not rub, pull or remove your extensions on your own. Head down to any Nail Treatz shops to have the beauticians remove thm for you.

  • How often should I get a touch-up?

We would recommend going for a touch-up every 2-3 weeks after getting your eyelashes extensions. The natural eyelash growth cycles cause your eyelash to fall out every 45 to 60 days, so touch-ups would be perfect for filling the gaps where the eyelashes have fallen.

  • Can I still wear eye makeup after the eyelash extension procedure?

You do not need to apply eye makeup, but if you want to, opt for water-based mascara for easy removal. Do not use oil-based removers directly on the lashes as it may dissolve or weaken the adhesive bond. Go for lint-free cotton/cotton pads to remove the make-up around your eye area.


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