Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery

Perfect those brows!

#wakeuplike this and save all that time wearing lesser make up! We care for your brows – we think that eyebrows frame your face and contrast your appearance! This technique uses a Special Embroidery Needle Blade along with adding colored pigment to the epidermis of the skin, resulting in natural-looking strokes, giving a fuller-looking eyebrow. It accentuates the brow or restores the remaining brows.

Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery $ 1,298

6D Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery $ 1,988

Korean Classic Eyebrow Embroidery $ 798

Korean Natural Eyebrow Embroidery $ 688

Eyeliner Embroidery $ 598



  • How painless is eyebrow embroidery?

The professionals at Nailz Treats strive to ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish. A calming cream is applied to the treatment area to make the journey more bearable

  • How long is the treatment?

Depending on the type of eyebrow embroidery, it varies from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

  • Are there any side effects?

There might be slight tenderness on the treated area. They will subside within 3 to 5 days.

  • How long can eyebrow embroidery last?

It can last up to 1.5 years. Colors fall lighter hence a Refresh Refill is required.

  • How often should I go back for a touch-up?

If your eyebrows are patchy or uneven after the treatment, it is normal as the skin may not absorb all the color applied. Come back to us for a touch-up after 1 month from the first session!

  • How do I maintain the eyebrows after the treatment?

Be gentle with your face with a mild cleanser. Be sure to apply soothing cream on a daily basis for a week.

Things to avoid:

-Do not apply skincare products around the eyebrows

-Avoid going for a swim, sauna, streaming, vigorous exercises and perspiration

-Do not pick, peel or scratch the skin as color pigmentation might come off together with the scab.

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